Robyn Butler


Robyn Butler is an actor, writer, director and producer who runs the highly successful Australian production company, Gristmill, with her husband, Wayne Hope.

A prolific content creator, Robyn co-created and produced three seasons of the multi award-nominated and winning The Librarians for ABC TV, in which she also starred; she also co-wrote and produced the much loved and lauded comedy, Very Small Business. She went on to co-create, write and produce the award winning and hit comedy, Upper Middle Bogan, for ABC TV. During that time, Robyn also wrote and produced the feature film, Now Add Honey, in which she also starred and for which she was nominated for Best Actress in a feature film in the 2015 AACTA awards.  

Robyn co-created, wrote and produced Little Lunch, for ABC3, which was the 2016 recipient of the Prix Jeunesse award. Robyn wrote and produced two half hour Little Lunch specials, where she completed her directing debut on The Nightmare before Graduation episode and for which she’s recently been nominated for an Australian Directors’ Guild award. Robyn most recently co-wrote and produced season 3 of Upper Middle Bogan.

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